Affordable analitics for small and medium businesses

Let's analyze data science with the right strategies.

Data Science

Collecting, analyzing and reporting data in a single structure using ready-made data science models with sectoral expertise

Artificial Intelligence

A service that enables you to process data in the most efficient way and discover new business models with Artificial Intelligence technologies.

Machine Learning

We facilitate business planning and workflow by managing data in the most effective way with machine learning technologies.

Data Security

We protect your data with a security strategy. Data provides a critical foundation for all of your organization's operations.

Datax About

A ready-made Road Map and guidelines for saving energy resources up to 60% and increasing the energy efficiency of the enterprise.

We provide well planned data-based projects and the continuity of these projects. We are at your service to grow with our technology enthusiast team and to create success stories as data experts in the technology world.


Our team

We have experience and knowledge in energy and data acquisition and processing using algorithmic AI and ML.

Our mission

Provide an energy management analytics system accessible to SMEs.

Our goal

To become the leading product for saving energy resources and optimizing their consumption, as well as reducing the carbon footprint.

Analysis Starts With Understanding

Our working methodology starts with analysis.

We collect, clean and structure data

We measure and develop the data potential of institutions.

We Model Analysis

We build Machine Learning processes on your Data Potential.

We Turn it into Action

We analyze Data Analysis processes and produce reports that will take your company further.

Datax About

Let's identify the digital needs of your business

Increase the efficiency of your operational processes, human resources and all administrative processes with digital solutions today.